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Innovative Uses For The Space Under A Staircase

Does your home featuring a staircase leading up to the second level? If so, you should consider taking advantage of the additional space underneath this area. While millions of homes are built with staircases, very few homeowners actually use this additional space underneath them. However, properly decorating and setting up this otherwise wasted space will offer multiple benefits. For some ideas on how to use the space under a staircase, keep reading.

#1 – Home Office

Under Stairs Home Office Storage

One solution that’s incredibly easy and efficient is to turn the area into a functional home office. Depending on the size and shape of your staircase, this may or may not be easy. Traditional non-spiral staircases will typically feature a large space underneath that can turned into a desk area complete with an office chair and file cabinet. All that’s required to accomplish this is to install a desk, electrical outlet and light in the space. Congratulations, you now have your very own office set up directly under the stairs!

#2 – Storage

Hidden Storage Under Staircase Storage

Another innovate use for the space under a staircase is to transform it into a storage area. If you can’t seem to find enough room to store all of your clothes and belongings, then you should turn this area into a storage area. There are several different ways to approach this, but the easiest technique is to install drawers into the staircase. You’ll likely have to custom design them, but it’s well worth it in the long run. Once the drawers are installed under the stairs, you can store additional clothes, books, DVDs, electronics, remote controls, mail or practically anything else you can think of.

#3 – Bookshelf

Under Staircase Book Shelf Storage

A third option is to turn the additional space into a large bookshelf. This technique is especially beneficial for staircases in the foyer and/or living room. Bookshelves offer a unique decorative touch to the atmosphere that’s simply not found in other furnishings. Installing one in the open communal area such as a foyer staircase will provide a stylish touch, helping to achieve a more attractive and complete home decor.

You can even go one step further by installing multiple bookshelves in this area, essentially creating a small library. Individuals who enjoy reading books the old fashioned way rather than tablets will likely enjoy this technique. Libraries are rarely found in modern-day homes, so friends and family members are sure to compliment you on it.

#4 – Lounging Area

Under the Stairs Seating

As long as there’s enough space, you can turn the area underneath a staircase into a full lounge area. The dark, cozy atmosphere is perfect for kicking back and relaxing. Just add a comfortable daybed along with some pillows and you’ll have a wonderfully relaxing lounge area. Lounge areas are ideal for kicking back and catching a daytime nap.

While most people will be resting in their lounge area, it’s still a good idea to install a light socket here. Having a light in your newly created lounge area will give you more freedom and options regarding its use.

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