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How to Grow Your Own Kitchen Garden, Even if You Live in an Apartment

Even if you live in an apartment, there’s no reason for you to miss out on growing your own vegetables. There’s nothing quite as delicious as fresh, homegrown vegetables, and with a little imagination and help from vertical planters, you can have your own. Tomatoes, herbs, strawberries, radishes, beans and salad greens can all be grown indoors. You can even plant your own little potato patch.

Lack of space can be a problem for many apartment dwellers. That’s where vertical indoor gardening can make it possible for you to indulge your green thumb. Many of these vegetables can be grown year round, making your indoor vegetable patch even more productive than an outdoor one. You can find plenty of inspiration and helpful tips online. That’s kitchen gardening, literally!


Tomato Gardening Indoors

Tomatoes can grow in a hanging basket near a kitchen window. You can find a list of varieties that do well indoors as well as step by step directions online here.


You can start potatoes plants by sprouting a potato. Pick a potato with lots of eyes and suspend in a container of water. Once it produces sprouts, move the potato (it’s actually a root. You knew that, but isn’t it cool to see for yourself? ) to a prepared pot which is at least 12 inches deep. The pot should be well drained so the plants don’t get soggy.


Pick your own herbs fresh for your omelet or stew. Parsley, chives and rosemary do well indoors. The heavenly smell of coriander will freshen the air as well a the taste of almost any dish.


Beans need a window sill with lots of light, and will need to be staked to give them support as they grow. Varieties like dwarf French beans, scarlet runner beans, and others are decorative as well as productive.


Strawberries can be grown indoors in stacked containers that you can buy online or at garden stores. Some people even manage to grow half size blueberry and blackberry bushes on balconies.

Salad Greens

Micro greens are most suitable for indoor gardening. They’re also a very decorative item, whether they’re on your windowsill or in a salad. You need to make sure that the pots are well drained, because microgreens get waterlogged cry quickly. Imagine being able to pick your salad vegetables fresh, instead of from a refrigerated grocery store container. The difference in taste will make the effort worthwhile.

Some stores already sell hydroponics systems, so you can buy your indoor gardening system ready to go. Or you can devise your own methods and containers. Even if you live in an apartment without any outdoors spaces like a balcony or patio, and your windows don’t get enough light, you can get special lights for growing plants indoors.

Indoor Gardening

Whatever vegetables you pick, you can be created and have fun with it. There’s something deeply satisfying about connecting with the soil and growing things. It’s something that city dwellers miss, but a little imagination and effort can produce amazing results.

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