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Exterior Home And Property Improvements That Offer More Privacy And Improve Curb Appeal

While your family may spend more time inside your home, everyone else sees the outside first, so in terms of home value and first impressions, this is the area that should be focused on most. There are many great ways to not only improve that curb appeal, increasing the price tag on your home in your neighborhood but also create a bit more privacy for those you love most. Even if you aren’t planning on selling anytime soon, that may change unexpectedly in the distant future as opportunities arise or your family expands.

What Buyers (and Your Guests) Notice First

Front Yard Landscaping by Reflections Blue

One of the first things anyone walking or driving past your home notices right off the bat is the walkway that leads to your front door. They are going to glance at your mailbox, your roof, siding and gutters. Built up dirt may not seem like a very big deal to you but a quick scrub or pressure wash, as well as updated paint to all of these areas can instantly take what will appear to be years off of your home.

Putting Up Boundaries and Creating More Privacy

Fencing off a private life

Is it currently difficult to determine exactly where your property ends and your neighbors’ properties begin? Especially if you have children or pets, it can make your life much easier to incorporate a fence or some sort of object that is going to help keep your yard separate from surrounding yards. Keep in mind, you don’t necessarily need to make a single selection. You may want to have a section of your property blocked off by a fence, while other portions may simply have hedges or vertical gardens as a way to offer your family more personal space.

Capturing Attention to Your Yard

A Lot Less Bother With A Hover

Flowers, trees and rockeries are great ways to add a bit of depth to your property, but there are many other ways to get the most out of the space you have to work with. Making sure your lawn is properly mowed and maintained is going to allow you to not only enjoy the area more than ever before, but it will also make people want to visit.

Keeping up with and Inspiring the Competition

Many home owners do not realize this, but you are in constant competition with the homes surrounding yours. That is, if you are ever trying to sell at the same time they are. What your neighbors do to their property is also going to directly affect the quality of your home. Making beautiful upgrades may just inspire those on the same street to take a second look at their current setups and take better care of their properties. As you can see, the little changes make a big difference. A lawn with dying plants, tall grass and tools lying around is going to be far less intriguing, whereas a beautiful property and home will capture attention and show that you care about your home. While it may not always be the case, many assume that if the outside is not kept up, then the inside is going to be the same. A potential buyer may drive past, not giving your property a second look simply because they are expected the inside to be something that it may not actually be.

Offer What Others Want Most

With more homes being built quicker than ever before, space is becoming more of a luxury and something people crave. Finding unique ways to keep the space you have, but also expand your privacy is going to mean a much more valuable and desired living space.

Jack Straw is a property dealer in Perth, WA. The major part of his day is spent going from place to place showing his clients the best of properties in Perth and surrounding suburbs. One important feature he has noticed with regards to the houses is that the exteriors have improved a lot over the years and many of them have also opted for glass pool fencing to protect their kids.

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