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Choosing Where to Live – And How it Can Make Life Easier and More Pleasant

When you choose where to live, chances are you will spend a lot of time and effort considering the location you want to stay in. Do you need to move with work? Are you planning on staying in your current area so you can stick around with friends and family? Or do you want to try something completely different for a change of pace?

Of course this is an important decision, but it’s far from the only important decision you’ll make in terms of location. Rather than just thinking about the kind of area you want to live you see, you should also be thinking about the precise place you want to live and where exactly you want to situate yourself.

For instance I live in San Diego, California – but there are some very specific requirements for where I want to live around the area because I know from experience what a profound difference this can have on my life. Here I’ll share some examples of how your precise location can make life that much better.

The Town Center

Based on my previous experience there is one requirement I will always have for any future home – and that’s that it be within easy distance of the town or city center. This just makes life a million times better because it means that if I need to get something specific from town I can just walk there. Likewise it means that if I want to do a night out, I can then get back with no need to spend over the odds on an expensive taxi. The gallery421 apartments is a great example of this.

But at the same time I also recognize that it’s important not to live in the complete center of town either, because this way you’ll be subjecting yourself to lots of rowdy people coming out of the local clubs and bars and you’ll find traffic is worse. This is why something like a townhouse is a great option.

Proximity to Friends

Neighbourhood / Sweden

Something I’ve always wanted to do is to live just across the hall from friends as though I was in a TV Sitcom. Unfortunately this is something I’ve never had the fortune to enjoy, but I am lucky enough to live within ten minutes of two close friends which is great if I want to just grab a coffee with someone or if my washing machine breaks down and I need urgent help. Of course living too close to someone you don’t want to spend lots of time with is a mistake, but having a few friends on your doorstep is great.

The Gym

Keeping Fit

I’m in the best shape of my life currently. Why? Because my gym is literally less than a five minute walk away – which means it’s no hassle at all for me to head down here for a workout followed by a spa. Being in better shape will improve your life no end, and living in the right place will help you be in better shape. Simple!

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