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Don’t Just Live There – How to Make the Most of Your Home

C-0T Autobot

If you were to buy a transformer toy when you were younger and use it only to play with it in car mode then no doubt your parents would have suggested that you try transforming it to have a go with it as a robot. It seems almost wasteful to buy something and then only use it for a fraction of what it was meant for and in this case you may as well have just had a car.

Of course for many of us this isn’t an issue any more as most people reading this will have long given up playing with transformers. On the other hand though many of us do have that attitude to our current belongings even when we aren’t aware of it – and something fail to make use of some very important and expensive things we own. Such as our homes…

The American Dream

For many of us you see a home is something we just live in. We consider our property to be a practical tool that we use to store our things and to get shelter in, but don’t really do much else to take advantage of the fact that it’s our own home. And in this case you might as well just rent or stay at a hotel…

So to take full advantage of owning a property and to avoid being wasteful, how can you make sure you’re getting the very most of your property? Here are some other things you can do with your home…

Decorate and Renovate

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The first thing you can do to get more from your home is to try making changes to the layout and look of it in order to make it more ‘yours’. This is one of the best things about owning a property – you can do whatever you want to it. If you’ve never repainted a room then, adding a window or knocked down a wall then you really aren’t making the most of living there.

Have a Party

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Another big thing you can do with a property is to have a party and invite lots of people around. Again this is something that would be harder to do than it would be if you were only renting or staying with your parents, and at the same time it’s a great opportunity to show off the new place you’re living and share it with others.

Don’t Forget the Other Bits

You might have thought about how you can get the most from your living rooms and bedrooms, but have you also thought about the parts people often forget. For example could you turn your roof into a balcony or roof garden? Could you make more of your garden and put a swing in one of the trees? And does your garage have to remain just a garage?

Rent Out a Room

A property isn’t just something you use, it’s also a great investment and should be a money making opportunity. Of course you’ll make money when you sell up, but you should take full advantage of it by making some extra cash while you live there too by having a lodger in one of your rooms. When you offset this against your mortgage this can actually be cheaper on a day-to-day basis than renting a property would be even.

Jemmy Ford is a home-maker who manages to write blogs in between cleaning her house and cooking for the family. She writes articles related to home improvement, childcare and health. She recommends Freedom Properties in Lanzarote for any kind of real estate advice.

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