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How To Go About Cleaning Your House In Three Easy Steps

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These days, house cleaning is considered to be more torturous than waking up at the crack of dawn. Unless you are house-ridden the whole day, you won’t even dream of dusting those dirt particles off the bed you sleep on. You simply throw yourself over the filthy mattress after a hard day’s work. But ever wondered why you are bed-ridden at least once a month? The dirt which gets collected in your house over time contains germs which lead to infectious diseases. So you can’t compromise on cleaning your household on a regular basis. I have listed three easy steps to thoroughly clean your house, no matter the time you get home.

  • Keep an hour aside for cleaning: You don’t work the whole 24 hours now, do you? Say, you spend 8 hours at work, about an hour for commute, a couple of hours for recreation, another couple for meals, and about 6 hours sleep. You are still left with 5 complete hours a day. You will highly benefit in terms of hygiene if you spend about an hour in cleaning your house. Let’s make it a bit simpler. Going by the above calculation, you will be left with around 30 spare hours per week! Clean your house at least once a week. Spending a couple of hours doesn’t seem so cumbersome eh.

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  • Hire professional cleaning services once a week: If you are sluggish enough to not spend an hour on cleaning, you may shell out a few bucks to get your house cleaned by professionals in the trade. They take about an hour to completely clean an average house. And you are not even required to slouch out of your bed while the cleaning process is in progress. But take care while picking a cleaning service. Some of the services in the industry are not entirely efficient, and some may even be scams – carrying off less conspicuous but expensive materials along with the dirt. You will be much better off selecting the one recommended by neighbors and friends.
  • Let machines do the work for you: Technology today has escalated to the point of a possible Artificial Intelligence. So you can quite easily find some high-end gadgets that are pre-programmed for cleaning purposes. There is the automated vacuum cleaner, the robot duster, the electronic dishwasher, and even an entire self-cleaning toilet; though the last one may not be trusted with the money it calls for. A statutory warning – these gadgets come at an astounding price. For instance, the robotic vacuum cleaners and dusters may cost you about $500. If you don’t mind spending more for cleaning than for which you purchased the furniture in the first place, by all means go ahead.

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Though you will have to spend about an hour a month on the maintenance of the gadget, you will get the entire five hours for yourself. If you are bent on stealing a few more minutes for recreation, you may purchase a full-fledged robot that might cost you a fortune.

Richard King is an entrepreneur and runs a business of providing Commercial pressure cleaning services. A humble man, who started out this business 10 years back and has taken the market by storm with his efficient service. The need for cleanliness in a house is of utmost importance he feels and gives advise to people about the best house cleaning practices on his blog.

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