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What to Purchase for Your New Home – Curtains, Rugs, Appliances, etc.

Your First Purchases For Your New Home

What to Purchase for Your New HomeYou have made it through the whirlwind excitement of buying a house. You have finally closed and the house is yours. Like so many other home buyers, you are likely now standing in a quiet, empty house, wondering what to do next. Of course, you have a list as long as your arm of plans for moving in, arranging, and interior decorating, but there are a few important purchases that must be made first.

Door Knobs

New door knobs""“>door knobs are a must. You do not know if someone else has a key to the current locks, and security is very important. By replacing all of the door knobs, you can ensure that there are no other keys floating out there and no one who can simply walk into your home at will. Door knobs are reasonably priced and can be found at any home improvement store, and they are easily installed in an afternoon.

Window Treatments

A house with no window treatments""“>window treatments is an easy mark for break-ins. By hanging curtains or blinds, you can hide from the world around you that the house is empty or that you have started moving in. With window treatments and a few lights, it is impossible to know if someone is in the house or not, so if you have not yet moved in, your property is better protected.


Now is the time, while the house is relatively empty, to plug in and test the appliances. If the refrigerator, stove, washer, or dryer needs to be replaced, this is much easier to do without the rest of your belongings in the home. Besides, as you move in, you will want full access to these important appliances to make the entire process a little bit easier.

Floor Coverings

Whether you are considering replacing the current carpet, tearing it up and finishing the wood floors, or simply adding rugs""“>rugs, now is the time. Once you have moved in your furniture and accessories, you will have to move things around in order to get to the flooring. If you are painting too, you might want to do this before tearing up your carpet, so any stray paint droplets land on flooring that you do not plan on keeping anyway.

Lawn And Snow Removal Equipment

Depending on your local climate and the season of your move, you will want to have lawn care or snow removal equipment on the premises right away. The city ordinances are clear that removing snow from your driveway and sidewalks and keeping your lawn neat and trimmed are required of each home owner, even if you have not yet moved in. You will want the necessary equipment on hand immediately upon taking possession of your house.


If you are a first time home owner, your tool box may hold only a screwdriver and a hammer. As you take possession of your new home, you will certainly need to stock up on a few more tools so you are readily able to make necessary repairs. A well stocked tool box can greatly diminish any repair emergency.

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