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Work Better In An Organized And Appealing Home Office: 6 Makeover Tips

Many homeowners these days now have home offices that act as a personal extension of their offices where they can continue to work on unfinished office reports. Chances are your home office is one of the least aesthetically pleasing rooms in your home and since you spend a few hours in the evening and the weekend in it, you might not even notice how disorganized, small and boring it has become. In fact, it may no longer look like a home office anymore nor feel that way either. Do you have a home office that you have not been able to spruce up in a while? Perhaps you need to take some time and determine what is wrong with your home office and apply the necessary changes.

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Why You Need To Give Your Home Office A Makeover

In many cases a home office is where most people spend plenty of time in compared to the laundry room. However, your working environment can affect your productivity, energy levels and creativity. It can also reflect you perception of personal success and your confidence levels. So when you have an uninspiring working space that is constantly filled with clutter, you can expect your business goals to be affected. Home offices usually require makeovers not only to improve the appeal of the room, but to help homeowners feel good and work better towards their goal. As such, if your home office lacks personality, is utilitarian in nature, always has clutter, is always disorganized and has decor and colors that does not complement a home office, you need to do a makeover.

1. Remove Clutter

Clean up your clutter and organize your things. Stick to a personalized organizational plan that is tailored to you and your workflow.

2. Create A Floor Plan

Create a floor plan that allows you easy access to all your items on a daily basis. Tailor it to the type of business you have.

3. Design Interior

Start designing your home office with something that inspires you. You can build the room’s interior based on what you love and what you already have. However, you can also bring in character to your home office by incorporating custom furniture or furnishing pieces, such as a stool, table or even mirrors. Custom made pieces speak about your personality better compared to ready made pieces.

4. Sufficient Lighting

Never overlook the lighting in your home office as it has a major impact on the finished design. Make sure that you have at least two sources of light, but it will not harm to have three.

5. Choose The Right Wall Color

First find a wall color to match an item in your home office, and then find items to match the wall color. Just do not make the mistake of matching your wall color to the exact color of the item of your choice. Always use a tone, tint or shade of the item’s color instead.

6. Establish A Focal Point

You also need to establish a focal point which is the first thing you will see upon entering your home office. Focal points are essential in all interior designs, but home offices do not usually have them. You can also make your desk your focal point by hanging grouped artwork behind the desk.

Valerie Kandria is a freelance writer specializing in interior design, custom doors and custom made furnishings. She offers advice on interior makeovers, how to create extra spaces and add style to a cramped home.

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