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Safety Tips For Moving Day

the apartmentMoving can be emotionally draining, but it can also take a toll on your body. When your body undergoes a lot of stress, you risk the chance of suffering from minor to severe injuries. From properly lifting boxes to the appropriate footwear, here are six tips to ensure a safe move:

Box Weight

When packing up your belongings, be mindful of the weight. To prevent injury, make sure all boxes weigh less than 50 pounds. If you’re unsure what the box weighs, try lifting it. You should be able to lift each box without too much strain. Remember, the proper way to lift a box is by squatting down and lifting with your entire lower body. Never bend over to pick up an item. And, don’t forget to recycle your boxes!

Rent Proper Equipment

When it comes to moving heavier objects, you should consider renting the proper equipment to prevent injury. This includes a dolly or hand truck. Straps are also helpful for securing boxes and items to the dolly or to assist with lifting larger items. Using equipment will save you both time and energy.

Wear Proper Clothing

On moving day, it’s important you wear the right clothing and footwear. For example, wearing loose clothing offers the risk of getting snagged on furniture. Instead, wear something comfortable that will not get in the way when your lifting objects. You should also wear durable, supportive footwear. These shoes should also have good grip, particularly if surfaces become wet. If possible, avoid wearing open-toe shoes or sandals.

Occupy Children and Pets

If you have children, for their safety make sure they are occupied. It would probably be best to hire an off property babysitter to keep children entertained. Similarly, you don’t want to worry about your pets getting in the way. Keep pets locked up in their crates or in an empty room in which movers don’t need to enter. Trust me, it will be less stressful for them to be away from the noise and confusion anyway.

Provide Food and Water

Moving is typically an all day event. And with all the chaos of the day, you do not want to forget to eat. Pack plenty of food and water for the day. If you have friends or family helping you, consider ordering a pizza to take a lunch or dinner break. Have a pot of coffee available at all times. This will keep people’s energy levels up in order to power through the rest of the moving day.

Emergency Kit

Keep an emergency kit on hand at all times. This kit should include Band-Aids, aspirin and medicated ointment. Also, you should point out where the house telephone is located. Nowadays, most people have cell phones, but not everyone’s is fully charged. Having a emergency contact list on hand is not a bad idea either.

Jackie Ryan is a freelance writer and young professional. Jackie recently moved into a beautiful studio apartment in the city. To help with larger objects, she rented hand carts which made the move easier. Her moving day went off without a hitch!

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