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Finding the Unexpected – Questions to Ask Before Signing a Lease in San Diego

Living and thriving in San Diego is a fun and enjoyable experience, but it helps to understand the local communities before you sign a lease. Apartments for rent in San Diego are often impacted by their local neighborhoods and events that make each region unique. Take notes on some of the factors, below, that renters don’t always think about before signing a lease.

Walk or Drive?

If you prefer to walk to work, favorite restaurants or bars, there are some neighborhoods in San Diego built just for you. Take time to explore the downtown city blocks, North Park or the popular Hillcrest neighborhood that each boast a distinctive hub filled with all the top eateries, retail and other sought after locations. Some beach towns, including Oceanside, also offer their own positives, filled with countless activities to fill your day.

Sand and Surf

Finding apartments for rent along the San Diego shore is a top priority for many that relocate for the mild climate and year-round sunshine. San Diego is home to several beach towns, including Pacific Beach, Ocean Beach, and Mission Bay, and each offer perks ranging from specialty bars to prime tourist locations. Expect to find areas more suitable for a younger crowd, as well as quiet, peaceful stretches ideal for relaxing or riding your beach cruiser. It is also common to find higher price tags on rentals along the shore, when compared to those more inland.

What’s Your Age?

Many of the apartment buildings will range in decades from when they were constructed. You can easily locate historic buildings with properties for rent, in addition to new and modern communities such as BRE Properties San Diego. Take time to ask questions about each location and compare the available list of amenities. Chances are, the newer properties can include additional luxuries that you may not find in their older counterparts.


San Diego is home to countless conventions that dominate the Gaslamp area, from the legendary Comic Con to trade shows, medical associations, and even top notch sporting events. Living in the city blocks outside of the convention center is an enjoyable experience year round, but increased foot and car traffic can alter your daily schedule once the crowds arrive. If you want to live in the Gaslamp neighborhood, take note of each upcoming event and chat with other locals about the expected visitors or other busy seasons your should plan for.

There are many things to consider before signing a lease. Make sure to ask questions about the area and the rental community so that you can make a rental selection that fits your lifestyle and current needs.

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