Moving with Pets: How to Keep Your Furry Companions Infographic

In the United States we really love our pets. From the moment they enter our homes we treat them like they are our children. We feed them, cuddle with them and often even dress them (but who knows how they feel about that?) Unfortunately, many landlords and condo associations don’t allow pets and, sadly, that leaves many cats and dogs out in the cold.

Too many people are forced to abandon their pets when they move to a new home. We asked our readers if they were able to take their pets with them the last time that they moved. We learned that many movers are forced to leave their pets at shelters because their new landlord doesn’t allow cats and dogs, their new roommates are allergic or their new apartment isn’t a good home for an animal.

My Move created this infographic to ask pet lovers to take the pledge never to abandon their pets, no matter where their new home may be.

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