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Ways that Rearranging Your Furniture Stabilizes the Mind

Your home can set the tempo of how your day is going to go. Alternative media refers to the FengShui of a particular room to be able to center yourself. In actuality, that isn’t very far from the truth. There are many aspects of the home that many may take for granted. For instance, claustrophobia can set in if your home is cluttered with random trinkets and nick-knacks. Although these can be decorative, too many can still make a person feel like the room is closing in on them. Rearranging your furniture can be therapeutic as well. There are many things people don’t consider when standing in their living room.

1. Control

There are few things in your life that you have control over. However, arranging your home gives you a sense of control that could set your mind at ease. While your job may produce circumstances that cannot be managed by yourself, your home gives you the ability to control an aspect of your life and could keep you centered. No matter the circumstances of life outside of your home, your furniture is one thing that you have complete control over.

2. Changes

Sometimes situations can make you feel stagnant and stuck. Rearranging the rooms in your home can give you the sense of change and progression. Depending on the amount of furniture you have in any particular room, there could be hundreds of combinations to explore to give you a peace of mind. Changing the way your living room or bedroom looks could be a simple way to keep things from feeling “stuck.”

3. Energy Use

Did you know that arranging your furniture in a particular way could increase the efficiency of heating and cooling within the room? By exposing heating and cooling vents, the room has a greater chance of becoming the temperature that is ideal for you. Arranging the furniture to allow the room to be more open can help the air flow and reduce the energy you use in order to heat or cool any particular room.

4. Accessibility

You don’t want to overload a room with too much furniture. You may think it’s a good idea to have a rocking chair, two-piece sectional couch, and a long six-foot by three-foot coffee table in the living room. However, those items could make the room seem too small if you have less than 150 square feet of floor space. Too much of a good thing could prevent you from utilizing what you have.

5. Open Spaces

There are a lot of people who feel more comfortable in rooms that have open space instead of filling it with furniture. Sometimes it can be difficult to create open spaces in a smaller room. If you stick to furniture that is only necessary in a particular room, you can open it up quite a bit. This could give you “room to breathe” as you don’t need a lot of items that many people seem to collect such as end tables they don’t have room for.

6. FengShui

There are many websites that can help you discover the Chi of the room you are concentrating on. It is a method of enhancing your mood through facing your furniture a particular way. Many have scoffed at the idea of the room having a personality like this until they’ve tried it for themselves.

Your home is yours. It doesn’t need to be impressive to anyone except yourself. If your style and taste warrants lava-lamps and bull-fighter tapestries, then who has the right to judge you. Take control of your home and it will improve taking control of your life.

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