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Spice Up Your Wine Room – From Raw Design To High Tech Implementation

If you are a serious wine collector, then chances are that you have already invested a small fortune for the exquisite assemblage. In spite of the fact that wine anthology takes a lot of time, effort and cash to put together, more often than not, collectors set the wine room that they are so proud of in a remote area of their house, where nobody can actually see it. In addition, many other wine collectors just skimp on the proper care and management of their collection due to ignorance. Luckily, there are some solutions to making the best of your wine collections, as you are about to find out.

Design a wine tasting area

Since you are most likely very proud of your collection, it would be a good idea to design a wine tasting area for it instead of keeping all the bottles hidden away in the basement. In general, you don’t need to organize a major investment in order to transform a plain storage room into an impressive tasting area. The furniture that you should place in the wine tasting room is minimal and should include a table, chairs and cabinets for the glassware and wine openers.

However, if you really want to impress your guests, then you could get some modern cabinets with high tech display shelving for the wine glasses and bottles. Not only will the wine be displayed elegantly, but you can also be sure the wine itself will be served at the right temperature and have a great taste.

Consider using different wine rack display shelving designs

In the eventuality that minimalistic decors are not your style, then a method of transforming the wine storage into an impressive tasting area consists of decorating it with different styles of wine racks. It is necessary to mention the fact that nowadays there are a plethora of styles and designs available on the market, from rustic wooden shelving to high-tech display shelves that incorporate lighting and cooling sensors. Moreover, since the contemporary wine racks come in a vast array of styles, the interior décor of your wine tasting room is only limited by your imagination.

Manage it all with high-tech gadgets

Even though the idea of a wine room is somewhat bucolic, there is no rule against employing high tech wine storage methods and contemporary lighting solutions to confer it a more modern look. The lighting solution is the element that can make or break the beauty and appeal of your wine cellar. Therefore, installing some spots in the right areas so they can emphasize on the wine bottles and finishes of the cabinets will surely add a dramatic effect. And, if you are concerned about the lighting affecting the temperature inside the room, then you should always use LED lights.

In addition to efficient LED lighting and sensor based racks, another things that you will surely find useful as a wine collector consists of a wine management system. In case you haven’t heard about it, the wine management system is essentially a home automation system scheduled to constantly monitor the conditions inside the wine storage room (temperature, humidity, checking the floor for water, etc.) and alert you as soon as they diverge from the normal parameters.

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