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Indoor Garden Recommendations for the Home

Flowers definitely are uplifting as they make your surroundings smell fresh and look bright. Homeowners with backyards and front yards for gardens find that gardening is de-stressing and fun. The joy of having your own garden for fresh cuts is priceless. Maintaining an outdoor garden could be tasking so there are homeowners who opt for an indoor garden for the home instead.

Life is mostly hectic and sometimes, there’s just no spare time to stop and “smell the roses”. Though weekend outdoor gardening is an option, maintaining an indoor garden for the home is easier and more rewarding at some point. Why?

Less Stress

Firstly, an indoor garden is not as stressful as there is no need to toil long and hard under the sun. There is no need to dig and haul soil and mulch as plants and flowers in an indoor garden are mostly potted. There are no pesticides for p

esky insects and flies and weeds to pull out. There is no need to install automatic sprinklers or use unwieldy water hoses for watering the plants as all you need is small water can.

Choose Your Flowers Carefully

What then are the best plants for an indoor garden for the home? For one, you cannot choose a plant that needs a lot of sunlight to survive. Better ask the local nursery owner what plants in your area strive best indoor. Generally speaking, here is a list of popular indoor plants.


Philodendrons Indoor Plants

Philodendrons are the most adaptable plant as they strive indoor and outdoor. You can basically just stick this plant in any pot or soil and it will thrive. Though it is best to locate this plant in indirect sunlight, locating it in a shaded area will be fine too.


Bromeliad Home Plants

Bromeliads are elegant indoor plants. They are noted as exotic plants. Care must be observed when watering them as excess water can rot their roots. Their leaves absorb the nutrients so spraying the leaves with water is better. Do not place the Bromeliads under direct sunlight. Water them only once a week.

Golden Pothos

Golden Pothos Home Plants

Golden Pothos are very versatile plants as you can let them climb or trail, hang or grow in a pot. This is a fast-growing plant that will survive and grow on its own. Do not over-water them and remember to wipe their leaves with wet sponge or soft cloth to avoid dust accumulation.


Calatheas Home Plant

Calatheas are very sensitive to the sun’s ray so avoid planting them under direct sunlight. Keep its soil wet but not soggy. This plant is definitely for an indoor garden for the home.

Snake Plant

Snake Plant Home Garden

Snake plant is known for converting carbon dioxide to oxygen during the night. It really detoxifies the surrounding air. This is a plant that will survive and thrive without sunlight and water. It can endure heat, dust, dry and humid air. Plant it in a pot and position it strategically in your indoor garden.

For bloomers, choose chrysanthemums, kalanchoe and cyclamens for all-year blooms in your home’s indoor garden.

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