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Creating Enviornmentally Friendly Pesticides and Fungicides For Your Garden

Although it’s wintertime now, spring is just around the corner, and for the novice, recreational, and professional gardeners it’s time to start planning for the growing seasons. While for most gardeners, there’s no easy fix for the pests we call weeds, whether or not you inhibit germination by chemical means, pulling weeds is simply a fact of gardening. But for easy and inexpensive fixes for some other common pesky gardening problems there are these solutions.

Insects that like to munch away at your prized flowers and plants have to be dealt with quickly and efficiently before your garden is ruined. For an environmentally friendly insecticide and fungicide, you can use neem oil, a couple drops of soap and water to rid yourself of those unwelcome munchers as well as fungus that might be threatening the health of your plants. Cinnamon spinkled on the base soil of orchids and other plants can also act as a fungicide to keep your plants beautiful and healthy. If ants are a problem, you may want to try some boric acid and cornmeal mixed together and placed near their mound.

Gardening is hard work, but you can help keep costs down and help the environment by using more natural remedies for garden ailments and earn yourself a truly green thumb.

Environmental Pesticides

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