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5 Important Tips To Keep In Mind When You’re Renovating The Basement

Do you ever feel like your home is shrinking a little bit more every year? The four walls seem to be getting physically closer even though that is impossible. Maybe you’ve just been living in the same place for far too long and you need somewhere a bit bigger, or it could be that you’ve bought so much new things over the years without throwing most of the old stuff out. Either way your home isn’t as big as you’d like it to be and if you don’t solve the problem you will have to move out.

The first thing you might end up doing is throwing out a lot of your furniture because you think it will help. Maybe it will, but what if it doesn’t? What will you do if your home needs to be bigger? An easy solution is to turn the basement into a new room and it also happens to be one of the best things you can do. It’s almost the same as moving into a new home that has one extra room. If this is something that interests you we can look into some of the things you should consider.

Sort out the Dampness

Before you can start any work you need to repair the area you are going to be working on otherwise it will cost you more money in the long-run. You won’t appreciate having to put up new walls because water burst through and damage everything. Check very carefully to see if there are cracks appearing on the walls because it’s a sign that water is ready to come through. There also shouldn’t be damp patches and both of these problems need to be fixed before you start anything.

Use the Right Materials

If you’re going to do any work inside the basement the materials you choose could save you a lot of problems. Just because you deal with any signs of leaks before you begin doesn’t mean nothing bad will happen in the future. By using waterproof materials you will prevent any little problems from turning into big disasters. If you’re not carrying out the work yourself make sure the company is doing it right because they might try to save money and you will suffer.

Good Flooring

Your basement floor will be pure concrete and very uncomfortable to walk on. If you were remodeling your living room would you ever use a concrete floor? I don’t think you would, so you shouldn’t leave the basement that way if you’re going to be using the room a lot. The easiest thing you can do is lay some wooden flooring because it’s stylish and a pleasure to walk on. You’re only laying it in one room so it’s not going to be too expensive.

You Need More Light

Basements have a reputation for being dark and dingy because they usually are. It’s not very often you find a basement that has amazing lighting that brightens every corner of the room up, but if someone is living inside your new room or you use it a lot there needs to be adequate lighting. If you only have enough room at the moment for a little light in the middle of the ceiling you will need to call an electrician out so he can work his magic.

Ghastly Ducts and Beams

There is a good chance you will have lots of ducts and beams getting in your way, but luckily you can stop them from looking so ghastly. You just need to make sure they blend in with the rest of the room. That might mean you have to give them a good paint so they match the color of the ceiling, or instead you might want to paint them a completely different color so they stand out, only they will now stand out in a good way.

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