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6 Things To Think About When Hiring A Builder To Work On Your Home

Everyone dreams of doing something special with their home and eventually some people do have the money to do something about it. One of the most important things you need to decide before getting work done is which company to hire. If you get it wrong it can have a devastating effect on not only your home, but your life. Getting any big job done where builders are going to be spending a lot of time carrying out the task is going to be expensive, so take a look at some things you should take into consideration when deciding who to trust.

Do you like them?

Forget about anything else before you can say yes to this question because it’s important you like and trust them. Strange people are going to be walking around inside your home for weeks and if you don’t feel safe with them around it’s going to be horrible for you. You don’t know where they will be or what they’ll be doing, so unless you want to stay at home for the entire time the work is carried out you should choose someone you would be happy leaving your keys to.

Licensed and insured

You wouldn’t let someone give you open heart surgery if they never went to medical school, so you shouldn’t let someone work on your home if they don’t have the proper licenses. The same also goes for insurance and they need to be insured before you can even let them touch a light switch. Try to imagine how the conversation would go if you phoned your insurance company and told them the house burned down and the guy working on it wasn’t insured.

What is their specialization?

It doesn’t make sense to hire someone to convert your attic if they have never done it before. Maybe they specialize in something else. Someone could be a jack of all trades, but at the end of the day they will never be able to do the job better than someone with hundreds of hours experience carrying out the specific job you want done. It shouldn’t be too hard to find out what they specialize in if you phone around and ask them. If someone tells you they specialize in everything then put down the phone.

Who will do the work?

You might meet someone and absolutely love them because they’re a nice person. Then suddenly you get all these strange people coming into your home. When you speak to anyone there is a good chance it will be the main boss because they will deal with the quotes, but that doesn’t mean they will be there to carry out the work. It’s possible they could even contract the work out to a different company, so before you go ahead and hire someone find out who is doing the actual work.

Speak to people you know

It’s sometimes worthwhile speaking to people you know and asking them if they can recommend someone. Most people will use a local firm and there are not many that cover any great distance. That means because everyone works in the same area you should find someone who has done a great job before. Going on a recommendation from a friend or neighbor is a lot safer than taking a stab in the dark. You also have a good idea of what they might charge for a similar job.

How much do you want to spend?

Deciding how much money you can afford to spend is a big deal because you can’t spend anything you don’t have. Once you know what is available you can go around asking some good companies for quotes. The reason you want to decide on your limit first is because when you have the quotes in front of you it might be tempting to spend a little more. With a figure in your head you can reject any quote that are above it, or at least try to negotiate.

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