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5 Great Ways To Renovate A Basement On The Cheap

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When you feel like your home is getting too small for your family there is an easy solution that means you don’t need to pack up and move. You could turn your basement into a new room. If your basement is a decent size it’s easy to transform it into anything you want. Some people don’t like this idea because it sounds expensive. The thought of spending more money at the moment while everything is tight just doesn’t sound like a sensible option.

You don’t need to worry because everything is not as dark and gloomy as it seems. There are things you can do to guarantee you don’t end up spending more money than you need to and at the end of the day you still end up with a brand new room. What could possibly go wrong? Just to make sure nothing does, we can look at some things to remember should you wish to carry out any renovations and they will help you save a good amount of money.

Make sure you plan everything

A lot of people spend more money carrying out renovations because they don’t know what they want. They even end up changing their mind half way through and adding extra bits and pieces. If you sit down and work out what you’re trying to do it means you can think of ways to cut costs. If something is going to be too expensive you don’t need to do it and you will know from the start.

Do the work yourself

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If you get a professional in to carry out the work for you it’s going to cost a lot of money. If you do it yourself you are not paying for anyone’s time and the only thing you will need to buy are the materials. Renovating a basement isn’t a very hard thing to do if you have some DIY experience and you could even try to rope in a few friends at the weekend that do know what they are doing. You might only need to hire a professional for dealing with the electricity or plumbing.

Take proper measurements

Paying for materials is going to be your biggest expense if you are carrying out the work yourself. Do you know how many people end up with far more material than they actually need? Just about the same amount of people that end up with far too little and it’s because they don’t take proper measurements. Know exactly how much of everything you need before you go to the store and it will save you money. Even buying too little the first time around might cost you if you get a discount with a bulk order.

Stop when you see moisture

Because your basement could suffer from water damage you will need to waterproof the walls before doing anything. It’s also important to check for cracks and dampness because if they are visible you will have water damage in the future. That means it will cost you even more money having to do everything again. Don’t start working on your basement until you are absolutely sure there are no signs of water damage and you’ll save yourself a headache.

Buy secondhand materials

When you’re buying furniture for the new room there is no reason why it has to be brand new. You could easily pick up some great secondhand bargains because people have decided they don’t want them anymore. This alone could save you thousands of dollars and the quality of furniture you’re buying could be just as good as anything you’d get new from the store. Just be careful taken secondhand wood into your home and have it treated first.

The author of today’s guest post is Aaron Wright. He runs a firm which provides dewatering services in Australia. He has a lot of experience in this field and shares his thoughts on blogging sites about different aspects related to home improvement.

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