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5 Tips for Updating your Kitchen Lighting Fixtures

Upgrade Kitchen Lighting

Sprucing up your kitchen lighting features can be a sure way to refresh the looks of your kitchen in a trendy and modern manner. The good thing about doing this is that it can be cost-friendly, not to mention an enjoyable DIY project. Most kitchens have stuck to the old design where fluorescent bulbs were installed on the ceilings. This style is frowned on in kitchen light design circles where it’s described as being too bland. Modern kitchen lighting designs are seen to be cozier, particularly with proper bulb wattage. Read on:

1. Find out the lighting type to install

The type of lighting you want to install is important since there are various advantages to each. For example, when installing track lighting, you have three subgroups i.e. H, J, and L. The H category is recommended not only because it’s modern but also because you can juggle with many kitchen lighting designs.

2. Shift the focus away from the ceiling

This does not mean that the ceiling isn’t proper as an installation space – it’s simply not stylish. There are lots of different kitchen lighting ideas that you can experiment with. The list includes options like track lighting, shelve backlighting, drop down pendulum lighting, recessed can lights etc.

Not only are these modern kitchen lighting styles easy to install, they do not require much maintenance.

While artificial lighting can be pretty impressive, it simply does not match up to natural lighting. Finances allowing you can install skylights that will also look great at night. Alternatively, you can just stick to blinds and shades ensuring that they are pulled open in the daytime.

3. Save energy

Many modern kitchen lighting fixtures are made to fit the latest designs of energy-saving bulbs. These bulbs produce superior white light which is more efficient than the traditional yellow lighting from incandescent bulbs. You will also be able to save good money as these bulbs have very lower power consumption.

4. The choice of kitchen lighting should complement the hardware

The lighting effect in your kitchen is not only a function of the bulb wattage but also has to do with the nature of your kitchen hardware. Here we are talking about items like the countertops and shelving. The golden rule here is that dark surfaces will always tone down even the brightest of bulbs. As such, modern kitchen lighting fixtures are seen to go well with lightly finished cabinetry and equally shiny countertops made of laminate and granite. Additionally, you can complement the lighting with shiny pulls and knobs on the cabinetry. It’s really a matter of personal tastes though.

5. The accessories also matter a great deal

In addition to the hardware, you should also take care of the kitchen accessories, making them more complementary of your new kitchen lighting fixtures. Fortunately, this does not have to involve lots of money. Ensure that your blinds and curtains are bright. Also, try hanging shiny accessories including tin and copper pans such that they disperse the light more.

Perhaps the best accessory in your kitchen will be an opposite pair of mirrors that will add an infinite feel to your kitchen.

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