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The Pros And Pros Of Metal Roofs

If you are thinking of upgrading your current roof and are unsure of what style you really want, please have a look at this article about metal roofs. You may be surprised to learn some of these important facts about why metal is a great choice for you!

How Are They Installed?

One of the awesome things about a metal roof is that it can be fitted directly onto your current roof system. This is helpful in several ways:

  • You existing roof needn’t be removed and this will make the labor less intensive.
  • You negate any disposal issues and no longer need to pollute your local landfill with the redundant roof material.

Your new metal roof will last much longer than its predecessor and it is completely recyclable as well.  When a roof is removed to make way for a replacement, the home is exposed to the elements until the new one is installed. But the practice of fitting a metal roof without removing your current roof ensures that your home is always covered.

Which Color?

If you opt for a light colored metal roof, you will deflect the sun’s rays and as a result reduce the temperature of your home. The lighter colored roof will also reduce the ambient air temperature indirectly and this reduces the interior temperature.  If you choose a darker shade of metal roof, this will absorb a higher level of solar rays and can reach a very high temperature as a result. A totally white metal roof would reflect much of the solar rays and would only raise temperature a minimal amount.

What About Unsightly Screws?

In days gone by, a metal roof suffered from a bad image thanks to the exterior screws on display. Thankfully the new designs have banished these unattractive features by utilizing new technology.

How About Electric Storms?

It is a common and incorrect myth that a metal rod will attract lightning bolts. Only grounded metal will attract a possible lightning attack. Lightning requires a direct route to  the earth and this is not provided by the ungrounded metal roof you will have installed.

What About Heavy Winds? 

In the past, poorly constructed metal roofs have had issues when hit by very strong wind conditions. Nowadays it has been proven that a metal roof can outperform any other material used for roofing. You only have to check out the amount of metal roofs that are used for coastal properties to see that this is true.

How Long Will My Color Last?

Most metal roof manufacturers will only use a recommended paint system panel that will withstand extreme weather and heat conditions. This is usually a ceramic based paint that is baked onto the metal roof panel. This type of paint protection is the best on offer available today, the paint will outlast many manually applied products.

How Will The Roof Affect My Value? 

According to the Metal Roofing Association in 2006, the installation of a metal roof will increase the value of your property by over one dollar per square foot. These are facts and should be considered when you are thinking about what material to choose for your next roof.

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