By May 17, 2017

5 Really Cool Gardening Hacks for Those Lacking a Green Thumb

Did you know that tea and mayonnaise can help make your plants healthier? You will be quite surprised at how many unexpected tips there are to keep houseplants growing, blooming and healthy for years to come. You do not need to have a green thumb to have beautiful plants and flowers growing around your home – all you need is a few tips and hacks!

  • Find a spot with the right light: When you are trying to decide where to place a plant, remember that south-facing windows get a lot lighter than those that face the north. When it comes to east- or west-facing windows, check out how much morning or afternoon sun, they receive before you put plants near them. Keep in mind that plants with foliage in bright colors need more light.
  • Keep soil moist longer: If your potted houseplants tend to dry out too quickly after you have watered them, all you need is a simple trick to keep the soil wet for a longer period of time. Make your pots hold water longer by placing a damp sponge in the bottom of the pot when you repot your plants. The sponge will act as a water reservoir, and if you accidentally over water, it may even help in preventing a pile of water from pouring out.
  • Have a tea party with your ferns: Do you have gardenias and ferns growing? These are acid-loving houseplants that would enjoy a bit of tea from time to time. Arrange a tea party occasionally and water them with brewed tea instead of water or mix in some wet tea leaves into the soil. This will give your plants a fresh and lush look that you will absolutely love.
  • Save leftover egg water or club soda: You often just toss the water you boil eggs in, right? Well, save it instead for your plants. Let the hardboiled egg water cool and water your plants with it. This water contains a plenitude of calcium. The nutrient-filled water will hydrate your houseplants, and they will love you for it. The minerals that club soda contains also help green plants grow. Give your plants a soda drink once a week for maximum benefit.
  • Use mayo to keep plants shiny: Do your plants’ leaves look dull? Do not worry – a bit of mayonnaise can make them look shiny and healthy again. Take a small amount of mayo and rub it on the leaves with a paper towel. This will help keep them looking shiny and bright for weeks, maybe even months, at a time. You can also use a mixture of equal parts of milk and warm water. Dip a soft cloth into the mixture and wipe the leaves down – you will get a pretty shine in minutes.

Balcony Plants

Who says that you need a green thumb to have beautiful, lush plants growing in your home? You can do so much to keep your houseplants healthy with a few secret tricks and hacks. If you have been afraid of keeping plants at home, you can stop and start planting, and give your home that gorgeous touch of nature that every home should have.

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