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Real Estate Agent Social Media Strategy That Works

If you are a real estate agent it is time to look into how you can really start to move the homes for sale you have in your listings. The housing market may be stale at the moment, but somehow realtors with some skill are managing to move homes every week. Their secret is simple; they have tuned into the world of social media and are using it to their advantage to get the word out about the properties they have for sale. It is simple to sell a home if you have the right real estate agent working on your side.

Social Networks

The very first thing that you need to do is take a good look at your current social media strategy because there is a very good chance that you can revamp it to help you out. While you might be on Facebook and Twitter, consider whether or not your business is on these social networks yet. If it is not you might be missing out on a prime opportunity. Every day real estate agents are selling dozens of homes via social networks, and you can be one of them.

It is worth it to jump online with your business portfolio starting with your friends and then branching out to their friends. Before long you will have a strong business following and then you can use the profiles to share photos of listings, advertise your services, and more. Why settle for waiting customers and potential buyers to come to you when you can proactively market to them every day with just the click of a button.

Social Apps

After you are done working with social networks you should consider looking into social apps that can also help you get the word out about your listings. There are dozens of social apps out there that allow you to broaden your reach and advertise your listings. For example, Instagram and Pinterest are typically used for sharing photos, but you can use the easy app to share photos of your listings and hopefully encourage a few more sales from people that like your homes. Taylor Morrison is a great example of a real estate company using these platforms well.

On the other hand, there are some social apps made specifically for real estate agents as well. Zillow for example is a great app that contains listing of top homes in almost every region. It is also one of the most used real estate apps by potential clients so you want to make sure that they pick up all of your listings promptly and that all of the listings are correct. By keeping an eye on these kinds of apps you can make sure that are working for you.


Finally, while you are busy work with these social networks and social apps make sure that you spend some time on self-promotion. Without self-promotion you are not going to get any new listings or clients, and that is the real backbone to your business. Therefore, from time to time make sure you promote your own business or real estate logo while online.

Alan Martin is a real estate agent in Utah. He also blogs about social media and online marketing.

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