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Tips for Choosing the Most Suitable Estate Agent

If you’re a property owner looking to sell your property, there are many thing that you need to worry about – selling price, getting your home evaluated, finding a new home, cleaning your existing home, and the list goes on! One part of selling your home, and probably the most important aspect of the process, is selecting an appropriate estate agent to handle the sale. This article takes a look a few basic tips to bear in mind when choosing which estate agent to choose to handle the sale of your precious home.

Where to start in finding your agent

First of all, you want an estate agent who has a good reputation. Choosing a new kid on the block might seem like a good idea because you’ll most likely get cheaper commission rates and you might think that they would value your business more because they’re new, but the fact is that choosing an estate agent that has a good reputation is a much better option. Experience of the local market is a big bonus and only companies that have been around for a while will know exactly how much your home is actually worth – and they won’t settle for anything less.

Once you have narrowed down your selection to 2 or 3 reputable estate agencies within your area, be it local neighborhood agency that knows the niche market or a nationwide estate agency, ask them immediately if they have any potential buyers and ask to see a list of people looking for properties similar to the one you are selling. Many reputable and experienced real estate brokers, for example, differ in the types and range of properties that they sell and you need to find an estate agent that already has a list of potential buyers looking for a property like yours. If you’re looking to choose an estate agent and they don’t have anyone looking for your particular property type, then move on.

Who is best for me and my home?

Choose and estate agent that specializes in your property type. There are many estate agents that specialize in cheap housing and others that specialize in luxury housing. Make sure your home fits into the category of property that your chosen estate agency specializes in.

Finally, one very valuable piece of advice that I received from my very own estate agent is to always find out which particular estate agent within an agency has been allocated to work on your case. Get to know him or her and make sure that you have a chemistry and sense of trust that you can count on throughout the process. You need to know that you have somebody trustworthy working on the sale of your property.

There you have it: a few good tips to bear in mind when figuring out which estate agents to choose when selling your home.

Dave Tucker is a keen writer of property and related issues such as investment and business in general. Dave has worked in the property industry with many central London estate agents and more specifically estate agents in Paddington to hone his knowledge and expertise of the London real estate market.

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