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Changes to Make in Your Home for Better Air Conditioning Efficiency

Have you noticed how the cost of energy seems to be going up every single year? This has to do with a number of factors with the main one being the problem of fuel. Fuels are becoming more and more in short supply and the ones that come from the earth cannot be replaced. Because fuel is  in shorter supply and it is used to create electricity, the result is rising costs for energy in your home. Because you are most likely paying a higher electric bill now more than ever, you would probably like to know how to make your home more energy efficient. Changes that you make can ensure that the air conditioner is able to work more efficiently and ensure that it will use less electricity overall.

Below, you will find a few of the changes that you can make to create a more energy-efficient home.

The Thermostat

The air conditioner thermostat is a good place to start when it comes to making your home and your air conditioner more efficient. Here are a few things to consider as far as making the thermostat and the air conditioner work more efficiently:

  • Choose a programmable thermostat. These will keep the home at a controlled temperature instead of causing fluctuations that will raise the electric bill.
  • Move any lamps away from the thermostat. Lamps are sources of heat and they will confuse the thermostat enough that it will actually run the air conditioner when it does not need to, using up more energy.
  • Do not allow any direct sunlight on the thermostat for the same reason as above.

Simple changes just to that little box on the wall will make a big difference in your electric bill.

The Windows

The windows can be one of the major sources for energy leaks in your home. Old windows or those that are not necessarily energy efficient will allow too much cold air to escape and too much hot outdoor air into your house. The windows can cause your air conditioner to work much harder just to maintain a cool home and they can cause pockets of heat that are uncomfortable. You have a few options as far as making the windows more efficient:

  • Replace them with double paned windows
  • Cover windows with energy efficient shades or blinds
  • Cover the windows with blackout curtains with insulation built in
  • Seal around the windows with proper moldings and sealants

Changing the situation with your windows can make a big difference in the energy efficiency of your home.

The Filter

Many people make a big mistake when they forget to replace the filter in their air conditioner return. The problem is, when that filter gets clogged up with dust and other particles from the air, it will affect the air conditioner in a couple of ways. For one, the clogged filter will cause the air conditioner to have to work harder just to keep the home cool and that will cost you more money. Additionally, if the filter gets too clogged, it can freeze up the air conditioner and can cause damage to it that you will have to get repaired.

If you make the right changes in your home, you can ensure that your home’s air conditioner is capable of working in the most efficient manner possible. This will save you a great deal of money on your energy bill since that AC unit is one of the biggest power draws that you will find in your house. These changes are easy to make and they can make a big difference.

Paul Bennett is a writer for Ocean State AC. Ocean State AC has been serving the Jacksonville, Florida area since 1975 offering affordable air conditioning and heating services.

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