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Tips to Live Green in Your Apartment

 Even if an apartment might not belong to you, this mustn’t prevent you from making all the necessary changes to go green. This doesn’t mean that you must install permanent installations. All you have to do is to change your lifestyle instead of the building structure and in this way you can save some money and have a good effect on the environment.

Apartment Green Living Tips

Find an Alternative to Water Bottles

It is well known that the water bottles made from plastic fill up a great portion of the landfills. Don’t contribute at this problem, too. Install a faucet filter"" “>faucet filter for water or use water bottles made from stainless steel while you are traveling. If your faucet is old and you cannot install a modern filter on it, you can opt for a filter pitcher and you will get the same results.

Don’t Forget About Appliances

Even if an appliance is turned off but it is not unplugged it will keep on drawing power from the outlets. Taking into account this fact, you should unplug the coffee makers, chargers for your cell phone and other devices you do not use all the time. You will see that in this way you will manage to save a nice sum of money. In an average home, this thing can result in saving about 40% from the total cost of the electricity used.

Adjust Your Thermostat

You can also back up the thermostat during the summer and turn it down in winter. If you will switch the temperature of a room with only 1-2 grades you can save a large quantity of carbon emissions, and you will get a great bonus in your utility bills. If you wear a sweater in winter even you can also save a lot of money.

Review Your Appliance Use

Living green doesn’t mean that you must renounce at the modern conveniences like dishwashers, or washing machines. All you have to do is not to use them wastefully. Don’t turn on your machine if you have to wash only a few clothes or dishes. Wait until the machine is full and in this way you will save your money.

Window Treatments

If you have large windows you should cover them with shades or thick curtains. In this way you can prevent the heat loss during the cold season and during the summer they will help you to keep the apartment cool.

Consider Plants

If you have a patio, a sunny window or a balcony you should grow plants. These plants will help you to clean the air and in this way you will seldom use the electric devices to clean the air.

What are your tips for living green? Add them in the comments!

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