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Apartment Search: Finding a Pet-Friendly Apartment

Hunting for a pet friendly apartment is an experience that requires patience when it involves finding one that welcomes pets. A pet owner needs to know the rules of the lease contract, and be willing to abide by them, before settling on a few choices for final consideration.

The first rule on finding an apartment, if a person is a pet owner, is to narrow one’s search to those apartments that have a pet policy, not one in which the manager says, “Well, it depends.” There is too much room for subjective decisions in this situation. If allowed at all, the pet may be a point of contention with the manager later. Apartment locating services can perform this service since pet policies are high on the list of questions apartment hunters have.

One of the mistakes apartment hunters make is to decide upon a place where they want to live and then keep their fingers crossed that their pets will be allowed to move in as well. They are often disappointed and have to make a decision about whether to give their pets up for adoption or find a different apartment.

Many apartment managers have a pet policy that they share in their advertisements, but many others do not mention such a policy. It should never be assumed that their failure to mention it means that pets are acceptable. It is very disappointing to find out after touring the property that pets are forbidden.

After an apartment shopper has a list of places to tour, he should visit them with his pet in mind as well as himself. For example, forcing an older dog with hip problems to climb stairs for several walks per day will cause both the dog and his keeper to enjoy their new home less.

Other things to consider while touring a list of possible new apartments are walking areas and pet-friendliness in the apartment community. If an apartment complex has nothing but a parking lot, concrete walkways, and no areas where the pet can sit in a sunny window, it is not particularly pet-friendly.

On the other hand, an apartment complex that has dog-walking areas, a small fenced-in patio, and other friendly pet owners who live in the community, may be a renter’s delight.

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  1. I agree. Some apartment renters only do think of themselves when going on a hunt for apartments. If they’re serious about bringing their pets, they should make it a point to ask if the landlord allows it and they should know the pet restrictions within the area.

  2. Ann Arbor Apartments says:

    If your pet is an indispensable family member, then you should consider your dog at the very beginning of you apartment search. You cannot go living in an ideal apartment that has “no pets allowed” rule with you trying to hide your dog from your landlord. Your secret will turn up one way or another so better pick an apartment where your pet will be openly accepted.