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Frosted Glass Doors for Modern day Homes and Offices

There are lots of raw materials that are useful to build doors such as wood, steel, and many others. Even so, glass doors are a brilliant way to offer a spectacular appearance to your home. Frosted glass doors are an even better choice to enhance the beauty of your home. These doors are superb as they offer privacy; either partial or complete from the outside world. They are slowing becoming a trend that introduces beauty and elegance to every corner of the house without a lot of cost. You might notice these doors in Hotels quite a bit; they tend to use them as Entry doors, Interior doors, Pantry doors and also Bathroom doors. Sans Soucie Art Glass is among the top companies that provide these doors completely installed in a wide range of price.

Frosted glass doors are able to create fantastic, stylish and contemporary layouts on the doors, and the advantage of frosted glass over normal clear glass is that frosting the glass creates and obscured effect, providing privacy for office, bedroom, as well as shower and window glass.  Despite the fact that glass is frosted and obscure, the amount of light that passes thru the glass and into the room is the same, but diffused – and free frame glare, creating a wonderfully, well-lit space, with sunshine coming in from just about everywhere. Without question, a well lit room full of sunshine as opposed to a dimly lit room does indeed brighten everyone’s day, so the more sunlight the better.  The team at Sans Soucie Art Glass helps you understand what kind of pattern will suit your door glass based on the amount of sunlight it receives, your décor style and your budget.

Etching Methods

Etched using a number of methods, the most popular frosted glass door etching is sandblasting.  Glass thickness will vary depending on exterior or interior use, as well as the sandblast effect chosen.  Thicker glass is required for heavier, deeper sandblast carving, so a minimum of 3/8” glass will be used, and for exteriors, the glass will be dual pane.  All glass for doors, windows and showers will be tempered for safety and for doors for indoor use; the glass will be 1/8” thick on average.


Even though frosted glass doors can be utilized as the material for folding doors, think about the practicality; glass folding on another glass would certainly build a very thick folding door, and that could be incredibly troublesome and hard to use. In its place, consider using frosted doors for pocket doors or bypass doors; glass is best when in its element and used on a sliding door, because it is hard to find glass to act correctly against a wooden frame as in conventional wood doors. Sans Soucie Art Glass are well-known for high-quality workmanship and versatility, their glass doors turn any glass product into an incredible work of art.

Frosted glass doors are also excellent as pivot doors, typically found in five star hotels or restaurants.   Pivot doors can also be used in your home or office on a smaller scale.  They give both beauty and a sensible way of getting around.  You can also use this kind of glass door as the door to your pantry, obscuring the view to the inside, though sunlight can still pass through it. These glass doors are also one of the best shower doors for bathrooms, as their translucent condition does not make it possible for visitors to look inside.


One advantage of frosted glass doors is they are low maintenance and will last for years. Unlike some woods and other materials. Cleaning is easy, and depending on where the glass is installed, regular cleaning and wiping of the glass will be sufficient. Certain textures that have color require special care.

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