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Five Things That Are New In Bathroom Designs

Today, the trend in home décor is the bathroom and the newest and exciting things that are available. The bathroom has to become a place of refuge and sanctity. It is here that a person can experience true luxury surrounded by beauty and style. A person could make some powerful decisions and develop strategies while soaking in a hot tub or sitting on the throne.

The ideas that are generated in the bathroom may have impact from the bedroom to the boardroom. The bathroom is the new think tank. So why not make it a place of comfort, sophistication, and style. There are some new and innovative things that can be done to give the bathroom that new spark of color and decor.

Trend #1 Cabinetry:

Gone are the days of a plain old medicine cabinet placed on the wall in the center of the room. Medicine cabinets now are very much incorporated into the surrounding décor. They are doing double duty. Modern medicine cabinets have sleek lines, and serve as more than just a place to put medicine. They are also used to hold beverages and blend in with the décor.

Trend # 2 The Hand Free Faucet:

Bathrooms can be economical and beautiful, as well. One way to save is by installing a hands free faucet. They operate by sensor motion and eliminate wasted water. They are designed to produce a steady stream of water that flows for a set number of seconds.

Trend # 3 Low Flush Toilets:

This is another area where households could see savings. The newer toilets have the same power to flush, but without using a lot of water. The average toilet uses upward of 3.5 gallons of water with every flush. The newer low flush toilet uses 1.6 gallons. This could result in quite a bit of savings over the year.

Trend # 4 Soaking Tubs:

There, is nothing like sinking into a tub for a great soak. It does wonders for the body. Tensions melt away, and you emerge rejuvenated. A few years back there was a run, on Jacuzzis, however, the trend is shifting back toward the soaking tub.

Trend # 5 The Water Closet:

Over the years, the bathroom has become just one large room. It is somewhat refreshing to see a return to the water closet. It adds a little more privacy and dignity to using the throne. Some water closets are surrounded by glass, and some have a separate wall and doorway

No matter how many things have changed one thing remains; the bathroom is providing the user with some exciting new experiences. Take a moment to see what is new in bathroom décor. The bathroom can as luxurious or simple as the owner wants it to be.

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