By December 26, 2012

5 Hidden Secrets Of Efficient Real Estate Photography

Well, it’s no secret to anyone that the real estate market is a highly competitive niche where every little detail matters more than you think. Considering that modern man has been taught to respond to visual stimuli more than anything else, it is fairly obvious that the way the real estate agent presents the homes for sale plays a key role in helping the buyer decide. Even though realtors understand the importance of displaying their products in the best possible light, the specialty websites are practically flooded with dark, blurry and terrible pictures of the estate properties. I’m here to help, as the quality of your real estate photography can increase significantly by following the tips below.

Get the house ready

First of all, you should prepare the house for the photo shooting session. What this means is that you need to make the property look professionally staged by moving some furniture around, paying attention to small details like closing the toilet lids and also playing with the lighting. In addition, because you will most likely utilize a digital camera, don’t skimp on the amount of photos you take. In fact, you should take as many as possible shots from various angles and browse through them later to decide which ones are suited for uploading.

Get quality equipment

If you want clear and quality photos, then you should invest in good equipment. While you might argue that professional equipment is expensive, it is necessary to mention that DSLRs are quite affordable nowadays. You can even find them on eBay and Craigslist if you don’t mind the idea of used equipment. On a side note, while the best lenses to serve your real estate photo purposes are the 10-22mm ones, it doesn’t hurt to have a few external flashes in your arsenal.

Break the blur curse with a tripod

In general, when uploading a blurry picture of a house, interested clients will not really think of your poor photographer skills, but will most consider you have something to hide. In the event that irrespective of what you do and what angle you shoot from most of your photos are blurry, it is time to purchase a tripod. In order to be certain you won’t obtain any blurring due to movement, you should set your camera on timer mode and utilize a shutter release.

The camera’s settings are there for a reason

Regardless of the fact that you purchased a top of the line camera and you are using a tripod, you cannot expect the photo to impress if you just leave the settings on default or automatic. In case you did not know, most professional photographers prefer the manual mode in order to have the entire setting in focus. In addition, it is preferable to make sure the aperture is above f/8, as otherwise you will have problems with the depth and focus of the field.

Post processing software is godsend

In general, switching to manual mode and adding external flashes will lead to impressive results. However, because your goal is not to impress, but convince potential buyers, it is advisable to invest in post processing software and edit your photos carefully before uploading them.

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