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Choosing Art For Your Home: The Best Way to Frame your Style

Picking out a new painting or piece of framed art for the home is a delicate process. And more often than not we have to match an established décor, which can at time be a nightmare. Even if you’re not overly concerning with matching décor, finding a new piece of art to fill a blank space can be a difficult task. Here’s some things to consider that will help you choose a painting you can enjoy on a daily basis.


The first thing to consider when choosing framed art is the style you enjoy most (or think would fit the best). There are a variety of options and time periods to choose from, so take some time to do a little research. It will also help greatly to take a stroll down to the nearest museum or art gallery to see some different styles in person. If this isn’t possible the internet should make a decent substitute however.

Original or Duplicate

This will dramatically affect the price. Duplicates are great for filling the hole in your décor or just adding a little personality to a room. Originals tend to be much more expensive and are for display purposes, meaning it’ll be a prominent piece of your décor and home.


The next determination to make is how you’re going to secure the new painting. There are several different means, and all should be explored. Here are some of the options:

Online Retailers

There is a plethora of online retailers who specialize in framed art. They can provide hundreds of different sizes, styles, and types. Often times there are also reviews to help you make a final decision on a piece.


Every community seems to have a local painter. Depending upon your relationship with them, their quality of work, and their schedule you may want to consider them for your next painting. They can personalize the painting, and it adds sentimental value when you know the artist.


Depending upon how much you want to invest and your level of interest you might choose to purchase from a gallery. These often have prominent art and are a great source for new and emerging artists.


Size is a huge consideration as well when choosing new paintings for the home. Make sure you get a piece of framed art that will fill the space you have while leaving space between it and other framed art. You don’t want your home to take on a cluttered look, but you don’t want it looking sparse either.

Emotional Connection

Great art is what inspires us personally. You should look for a painting that has some sort of emotional connection for you. Even if no one else appreciates the artwork, it can be more important that you enjoy it yourself. Because at the end of the day it will be in your home.

Choosing a painting for the home is never an easy task. While hunting for that next great piece of framed art keep in mind the style, source, emotional connection and size and you should be able to find a piece that fits.

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