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5 Ways To Please Your Nose By Making Your Home Smell Beautiful

Smell is a sense we don’t give enough credit to. Our eyesight is obviously the most important one we use and that’s why everyone makes sure their home looks beautiful. Touch comes in second place because we all like a little comfort. Nobody wants to sit on a couch that’s as hard as a bed of nails when they are trying to watch television. You have to throw sound in there when you think about all those surround sound systems. Taste doesn’t count unless you enjoy chewing on the pillows, or if you’re including the family pets.

Then you have smell and who do you know that really pays this any attention? You might spray some air freshener around the house every week when you give it a clean, but imagine how much better your home would be if there was lovely aromas finding their way up your nose as you went about your business. It would be so relaxing and you would feel great, but how exactly can you do it? There’s a few easy ways and it’s probably a good idea to go over them just now, so you can try them out straight away.

Put essential oils on your pillows

You can pick out your favorite essential oils and splash a few drops on your pillows each day. This is also a very good way to get to sleep and millions of people use lavender, but the smell from many of them will leave you feeling great. If you have plenty of cushions lying about the furniture in the living room you can also put a few splashes on those too. Just don’t use much and a little bottle should last a long time.

Fill a room with some flowers

If you have lots of flowers in each room they all bring their own unique smell. They also make the place look fantastic because it brightens up the room. Just make sure you always water them because they won’t last very long and will have to be replaced when they die. Maybe you can pick some flowers from the garden if you know what you are doing instead of buying them from the shop all the time.

Keep shoes in a special place

When people wear shoes and kick them off inside the door they won’t exactly fill your home will a gorgeous aroma. You really want to stop the smells from footwear reaching anywhere inside. That means people would have to take them off and put them in a special cupboard to trap the smells. This is even worse during winter when peoples feet are wet, so maybe it’s a good idea if you start now.

Close your windows

If there’s any bad smells floating around outside they will easily make their way into any open windows. This will all depend where you live and if it’s somewhere in the countryside you might have more funky smells if you’re near fields. It would probably be a good idea to install fans or an air conditioning unit if you want to stay cool, plus it will save your nose from cow dung.

Clean up after yourself

Once you have finished eating you should clean up straight away and empty the trash can after it is full. To many people leave food lying around and the place starts to stink. Either because it’s smelly food, or because it’s been lying there for days. Horrible food smells can also come from the trash if you just keep piling it up, so just pay more attention to it and you should be fine.

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