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Tips to Choose The Right Home For Your Family

When you are single, or even a couple, the criteria for choosing your place of abode is fairly simple. But when you factor two kids into the equation, it starts to become complicated. There are many more parameters to consider and many pitfalls you need to avoid. Mostly, it should be a common sense exercise, but the stress and adrenaline peaks and lows ensure that we usually forgot the basics. If you are in a position where you may be looking at a new family home, please read this article as it may just save you a few headaches.

Talk About This!

You really need to open the communication channels when deciding on such a big life changing event. The first obstacle is the financial issues associated with a house move. If you are not totally comfortable with this decision and hit some problems along the way, your money should be the last of your concerns. If you have thought about this move alone, the sooner you speak to your partner the better. You may be surprised to hear their reaction, and you have to include your children in the discussion also.

Start Looking

This is where the fun begins, but it is also a serious activity. Make a shortlist of areas you consider to be appropriate and also a pricelist. You can use one of the many online estate agents to narrow down your results and they have quite a few options you can utilize. Ask your children which of the houses is their favorite and plan to visit these first.

Your Shortlist

It is best to have about five or six houses for your first days’ viewing. Contact the estate agent and try to leave a whole day free for this event. Look over each house carefully and you should get a nice feeling when you find the best one. Ask your partner and children their thoughts on each viewing and make a note of their response. Have a good look at the garden and the condition of the exterior features. Take some time to look at the neighborhood and ask if you would feel happy and safe in this environment?

Important Factors

If you start to favor a particular house you can make up a short list and see how this place scores on the following:

  • Is it near to a decent school?

  • How far is it from town?

  • Is it close to your places of work?

  • How about local amenities and a bus route?

Other Opinions

If you feel that you have found the perfect home, and you are in agreement with your family, you need to get some professional opinions:

  • The Estate Agent – Ask for an unbiased opinion of the property they have shown you. They should be honest and let you know of any misgivings.

  • The Police – They will be happy to tell you about any potential issues with safety and noise pollution.

If you can tick all of these boxes and feel comfortable about your future home, then you should proceed and look forward to many happy years together!

Today’s guest post is authored by Christina Shelby. She is one of the finest Brisbane property consultants. She says a good advertisement is one which sells the product without drawing attention to itself.

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