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5 Ways To Protect Your Home Before Scumbag Burglars Pay You A Visit

Crime Scene

What happens when you walk downstairs one morning and suddenly you realize all your valuable possessions are missing? Or worse, someone could attack a member of your family, especially if they walked downstairs while a burglary was taking place and the intruder was disturbed. You might think things like that only happen it Hollywood movies, but pick up the newspaper every day this week and you will find out it happens to more people than you think.

Giving someone the chance to turn your life upside down seems crazy and that is what most people are doing.¬†That doesn’t mean they do it intentionally, but it is what it is. If you don’t protect your home from that sort of danger you can’t be surprised when scum decides to pay your home a visit. You can’t stop anyone from getting inside because anyone could get in if they really wanted to, but you can do a few things we’re going to discuss now which will keep out nearly everyone.

Close your curtains

Nobody likes the unknown and they don’t want to chance anything. When someone walks past your home and they see all the lights off they won’t know what awaits them. What possible reason could they have for coming inside? Maybe you don’t have any nice stuff and risking jail on a hunch is silly. They will probably go and find someone who doesn’t close their curtains so they can see what is inside and how easily it will be to enter.

Give them an invitation

I know the world is running out of metal and soon there will be none left, but I bet you one hundred dollars your blacksmith still has enough to cut you a second or third key. It’s got to be much safer than leaving the only one you have under the most obvious rock at the front of the house. Common sense would tell you at the very least to leave it with a neighbor and you should start doing it because I don’t want you finding out the hard way just how silly leaving it under a rock is.

Installing an alarm system

Burglar Alarm Box

An alarm system will work better than anything else except it only works once someone has already decided to break in. You might have a damaged door or a broken window, but at least as soon as the alarm starts ringing they should turn around and sprint away from your home as fast as they can. Even a simple alarm system will do the trick and you don’t need to go spending all your savings on one. It’s a last line of defense you really should have.

Brighten the place up

If you want something that will scare someone away before they get a chance to break any of your windows, you won’t go wrong hanging some motion detecting lights on the side of your home. There are not a lot of people who are stupid enough to try breaking into somewhere that is lighten up like a Christmas tree. Even if they do try and come in there is a better chance one of your neighbors will see them and they can call the police.

Plant some trees and bushes

The Neighborhood

If your garden is open it’s easy for someone to see your home when walking past. They might notice that the lights are off and if this is the case for a few days they can only assume you are on holiday and the house is nice and empty. If you plant trees and bushes around the outside of your home it means people will have a hard time noticing your lighting arrangements without specifically checking. It’s an easy way to stop opportunistic burglars who are looking for easy targets that are not home.

Jack Hobbs is a security officer at a private security agency. He has handled many cases of burglary and assault in his career span. Apart from his professional assignments, he also advises people by giving them burglary prevention tips via his blogs.

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