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Top Five Door Knockers And Knobs

Most people probably don’t pay much attention to the type of knocker or knob that they have on their door but, in actual fact, one that is interesting and unusual can add huge appeal to a home. It’s the first thing a visitor will come into contact with when they arrive at your home, so it can help create the right (or wrong) impression, as well as make your home stand out from your neighbors. Here are 5 door knockers, knobs and handles to get you inspired.

The door ‘hand’le

Door Hand-le

If you’re looking for a door handle with a difference, then one of the top designs you can get your hands on – literally – is the handle or knob shaped in a hand. There are lots of variations of the door ‘hand’le theme, made from different materials, in different sizes and different shapes, but the common idea is that you give the hand a firm, greeting shake when you turn or twist the door open. It’s quirky, fun and appealing for any home.


Garden tools or general DIY tools make for interesting additions to door handles or knobs, especially if the building or room is related to that activity. For instance, consider the gardening store that has a spade and fork as its handles on the front door, so that you feel immersed in the spirit of gardening as soon as you open the door. It certainly makes for an interesting shopping trip! Or, what about the gate in Seattle where you can open it using a pair of metal wrenches? Anyone interested in DIY of any sort should consider getting door knobs of this variety!

Toothpaste handle

Toothbrush Handle

Located in the Green Backpackers in Mitzpe Ramon, Israel, it’s worth visiting this hostel just to view the interesting methods of recycling toothpaste tubes into door handles that the owners have created. It’s a really great, eco-friendly idea that works well and would look stylish in any bathroom. As the hostel owners are all about being green and environmentally friendly, it fits in really well with their ethos.

The snail knocker

Snail Door Knocker

Barcelona in Spain is teaming with awe-inspiring architecture, but one of the most intriguing sights has to be the door knob of Cases dels Cargols, which is shaped in a large brass snail. It’s a really quirky addition to any door, and is perfect for animal lovers or those who appreciate inspiring and interesting door furniture.

The shoe door knob

Shoe Door Knob

For a door knob that will entice customers into its store, then you can’t get more alluring than the Sneakerknob door handles from Metrofarm. The knob to the store door is in the shape of a golden Air Max running shoe, and can be found in the retail company’s stores in Berlin and Vienna. The idea behind the intriguing door knob was not just to add visual appeal to get customers into the shop, but also to help cement the brand message it was trying to put across.

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