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4 Property Investment And Loan Management Apps For Your Smartphone

Smartphones are really clever these days. They get to predict correctly what you are about to do, your favorite pages, and other essential services you might want to learn about. The smartphones are also home to many efficient apps that can practically help you in so many ways when it comes to your daily life. In this article, I am going to focus on 4 great apps that help you deal with your investments and loans as well as highlight the best reasons to go for each of them.

Mortgage and Home Loan Calculator

This application can be downloaded in the iTunes or from App Store downloads. It is one of those calculators you can’t afford to put down especially if your money comes from investing in real estate or you have taken a mortgage which has payments you feel do not add up.

Why do you need this?

  1. This app is designed to make you easily keep track of your spending habits so your financial status is easy to handle by sorting out bills, payments, the mortgage and all that.
  2. You become more cautious of where you invest because the app prompts you to make informed decisions.
  3. They help you compare between mortgage payments of one financial services provider to another, bearing in mind the entire quantifiable variable so that you choose the cheapest option.

Real Estate Search

This application is designed and developed by app developers from, aimed to be used by would-be investors and other businesspersons to find houses, or property to lease or sell from your phone or any other device you could be using.

The other convenient thing about it is the fact that after you have selected a few properties the app can help you manage, filters, and view photos of the property you want to buy or lease. Being an iPhone app, ‘Real Estate Search’ is suitable for anyone who wants to invest in real estate.

Why do you need Real Estate Search?

  1. It will help you get the properties you want by detailing their location and asking prices.
  2. It is convenient since all you need is your gadget in order to know what properties are available and where they are.
  3. Real Estate Search is a cheap app, considering the profit it might bring you when you resell the property or rent it out.

Wikinvest Portfolio Manager

This app is developed to help you manage all you investments in one touch. It classifies all your equity, your real estate, your stocks and other valuables in its portfolio and helps you know how each is doing. This means that you can go on a do the things you like to do such as golf, a drink with friends and other social affairs while the app keeps track of any changes in the market and gives you notifications as it interprets stock markets for you in form of charts, graphs and in written form.

Why do you need Wikinvest Portfolio Manager?

It is an application worth buying and subscribing to because it keeps you ahead of the market by giving you information that your competitors might get to hear of latter, since it is always on the lookout for anything that might affect your portfolio. Wikinvest Portfolio Manager makes it easy for you to find what you are looking for and with time, it knows what you prefer in terms of property and other investments.


Craigslist is popular for advertising, buying and selling things; it is an app with buying for anyone interested in rental, and property that is on sale. The good thing is that everyone uses it, therefore you can use it to advertise the properties you want to sell or rent out or conversely you could find the property you are looking for and therefore have a chance to meet the seller or buyer.  It is a free app in iTunes but it offers you many advantages:

Why do you need it?

  1. It is pretty popular with buyers and sellers and therefore offers a ready market for your property and can also help you find other properties you can invest in.
  2. It is free, and easy to use and every property or item displayed has a clear photo from different angles to further feed your curiosity and help you know the state and determine what to do.

You can manage the advertisements on your phone and therefore you will be in a position to choose the categories of the items you want to buy so that you do not get things that are irrelevant to you.

Nancy Baker has contributed today’s article, which she wrote for Benson Mortgages, a firm that caters to mortgage refinance in Toronto. She is a warm hearted person with a lot of extensive knowledge on the current financial trends.

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