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15 Inexpensive Things to do on the Weekend, While Saving Money and Living in an Apartment

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You wake up in your room in your apartment community. It’s a Saturday morning. You check your calendar and gasp…there’s nothing there! Your whole day is free. Now…what to do without severely denting your bank account?

1) Make a Homemade Brunch

Get your family or a group of friends together and whip up some pancakes, fruit salad, omelets and mimosas. It’ll end up being a lot cheaper than going out to eat and having everyone over to cook together while getting a head start on those mimosas is half the fun.

2) Yoga on the Lawn

There’s no need to go to an expensive studio. Try rolling out your mat on the closest patch of grass on a sunny day and do some yoga in the sun. If you aren’t already familiar with the practice, there are plenty of videos online to help you get started. Turn on some peaceful music and you’re all set to get in shape while relaxing at the same time.

3) Call it a Beach Vacation Day

If you live near the ocean and it’s warm out, a beach vacation is probably your number one inexpensive weekend activity. Pack some snacks, tanning oil and a good book and you can easily spend the whole day relaxing in the warm sand.

4) Take a Hike

No matter where you live, chances are there is some kind of hiking options moderately nearby. Hikes are a great way to get outside for some fresh air and experience nature. Suggest it to your friends and chances are you can easily find a few people to tag along.

5) Have a Game Night

Game nights are the perfect way to end your Saturday. Invite a group of friends over, set out some cheese and crackers, open a bottle of wine and get ready for the competitiveness that ensues.

6) Attend a Flea Market

Most cities have local flea markets that open either Saturday or Sunday mornings. These are great places to go to get some fabulous cheap finds and get an early start to your day.

7) Go for a Picnic

During sunny summer and spring days, take a walk to a nearby park, lake or beach and have a traditional picnic complete with your red-checkered blanket. Bring along your dog, volleyball or a good book for a relaxing and spending-free afternoon.

8) Visit Your Local Library

Libraries are an often underappreciated resource. Try spending a few hours at your local library and browsing through the thousands of book selections. Take your time in choosing a few books that spark your interest and uncovering those books that you may have once come across and always meant to read.

9) Culture Yourself at a Museum

Museums are both educational and fun. Better yet, they’re usually fairly cheap to enter and often offer discounted student or senior citizen prices as well.

10) Host a Cocktail Party

Spending a few hours at a bar is a sure way to clean out your wallet. Avoid the crowded and expensive clubs and try hosting a small cocktail party instead. Play bartender and try researching some fun recipes that you’ve always itched to make.

11) Volunteer Your Time

Volunteering at local soup kitchen, animal shelter or community center is a cost-free way of spending your day that will leave you feeling great afterwards for having helped those in need. Also, volunteering can actually be quite a lot of fun!

12) Organize a Yard Sale

Weekends are a great time to go through your home and clean out all the junk that piles up over the years. Try organizing a yard sale on a Saturday or Sunday morning and taking whatever you don’t sell to the nearest donation center. Not only will you feel productive for having de-cluttered your home, but you can even make a good amount of cash on the side.

13) Ride Your Bike

Bike rides are a cheap, pleasurable and active way to spend a few hours getting fresh air. After all, remember how much fun you had riding a bike as a kid?

14) Shop at a Farmer’s Market

Farmer’s Markets or Festivals are the perfect place to spend a weekend morning and afternoon shopping for healthy, cheap, locally grown fruit and produce. Most Farmer’s Markets also have quaint eating areas where you can take a break from shopping and have a healthy bite to eat.

15) Get Your Bake On

Break out your laptop and open your favorite baking inspirations on Pinterest. We know you’ve most likely accumulated more than a couple recipes that have made your mouth water. Put on some music and invite over a friend and try out a few recipes for those colder weekends better spent indoors.

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