By January 26, 2013

Employment Trends: The Best and Worst Job Markets [Infographic]

If you’re wondering where the jobs are, look no further. These are the top 10 places to find employment, 8 are located on the east coast. Does that mean there are no jobs for us here in California? Not entirely. While studies show that 5 of the 10 worst locations for finding employment right now are located on the west coast, that doesn’t mean it’s time to up and leave.

The job market fluctuates very easily, as we’ve seen in just the past decade, and it appears that us west coasters are aware of this. Despite having such a bleak outlook on employment, there are ZERO locations on the west coast that are in the top 10 locations where people are moving out.

So hang tight, find yourself a home or apartment to bunker down for this transition and get ready for the next boom! If you’re thinking you can’t wait and you’d like to head east, now you know where the best spots are.

Best and Worst Job Markets

This infographic comes from, a 20 year veteran in freight and shipping services. If you’re ready for that big move, small move, or just want to ship that old grandfather clock head over to Transit Systems.

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