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6 Reasons You Should Downsize Your Home To Enjoy A Better Life

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Buying a large home seems like a good idea at the time, but eventually it dawns on you that maybe a smaller home would be better. Just because we have this crazy notion that anything bigger means better doesn’t mean it’s true. There are some things we do because it sounds right rather than how it makes us feel. You don’t need to do everything everyone else does because you want to fit in. Take a look at these reasons why you could be missing out on a smaller home.

Education Save Money

You will save money

Who can honestly say they don’t care about money? We’re all going through a tough time and paying all our wages towards a mortgage isn’t something anyone enjoys. With what little is left over you give it straight to your energy company. A huge home takes a lot to keep it going and you don’t get away with not keeping it heated. When you live in a small home your mortgage and monthly bills will drop instantly.

Knotty Walnut Natural [bedroom]

Buy nice things

Everyone dreams of buying beautiful furniture for their home. When the place looks good your home is stylish whether big or not. Paying out all that money on electricity and bank interest doesn’t leave you much for buying that fancy bed you’ve always wanted. With a small home you get to kit it out with some amazing things knowing you will easily have the money to pay for them. That means you’re going to start enjoying your home a lot more.

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Less work to do

Cutting your grass is hard enough and it takes a while to motivate yourself, but when you know you will be there for half the morning it’s heartbreaking. Your smaller home should have a smaller garden and it means less time you have to spend taking care of it. The same also goes for regular housework because you can cut the time you spend polishing and cleaning in half. Think about how much time that will save you over the course of a whole year.


More time with the family

If you already feel you’re not spending enough time with your family then it could be the size of your home that’s causing it. When you’re in one room watching television and your kids are in the living room the only time you meet might be at dinner and that is if you even eat at the same table. You can’t hide from each other when there is not enough room to do so. It means you get to spend more quality time with the kids.

comfort zone

Less stressful

When you have a large home it’s easy to lose stuff and it feels like you’re always searching for something. You also have so much crap lying around because it’s easy for you to hoard it until things are spilling out of the windows. Once you live in a smaller home it means you only buy the stuff you truly need and it becomes much more relaxing because you have fewer things to worry about. Who knew that having less material possessions would be more enjoyable?


Easier repairs

When you have one of the world’s biggest roofs it takes a lifetime to repair. That means people are walking about on your property for ages. If you want to erect a new garden fence it could take someone much longer to do it if the garden is double the size. A small home means easier repairs, cheaper repairs, and also quicker repairs. The last thing you will need to worry about is something going wrong and messing up your comfortable life.

Patrick is a successful interior designer. He believes that the less furniture you have in your house the more spectacular it looks. He says having a concrete polished flooring gives your house a more sophisticated look.

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