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How Choosing The Right Windows Can Transform Your Rooms

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If your room is looking tired or dingy and you don’t know what to do about it, then you might want to consider looking into your windows. Windows are unique in that they are the only part of your home that can affect the appearance of the interior and exterior, but they have a particularly huge impact on your rooms doing a lot more to affect their appearance and functionality than you might think. Here we will look at how changing your windows can transform an entire room.


for a tomboy

The first role of a window is of course to let light in, and without windows a room will instantly seem much smaller and darker. As such then it stands to reason that a window that let more light in would be a better window and if you can do this you’ll make your rooms look larger, cleaner and more pleasant to spend time in.

So how do you increase the amount of light your window lets in? Well the first thing to consider of course is simply making the window larger or adding another new window to a different wall. This will instantly mean more light comes into your room though of course it will also take up more space meaning that you can fit less furniture into the room. Adding a mirror is a cheaper alternative.

The kind of window can also alter how much light it lets in. Think about the patterns on the window and whether or not they are in fact blocking light, and meanwhile make sure that you use double glazing so that you don’t end up with condensation creating distortion.

Finally decorating your window is also important. Net curtains are great for added privacy, but they also block light making your room look less tidy. Similarly if you have a lot of clutter on your windowsill this will block your light from getting in – so think minimal and recognize that less is usually more here.


Windows also serve a number of functions that should make your rooms more pleasant to be in and create more uses for them. For instance your window should be able to insulate your room well so that you save heating, but by having more options in how far it opens you can this way have a finer control over the precise temperature. Make sure you use double glazing, and look into different hinges and opening mechanisms.

Likewise, while you will want light to come into your room most of the time, you will also want to be able to shut it out for sleeping or just relaxing, and you’ll want to be able to get privacy. Look into using curtains that will be efficient at blocking out the light only when you want them too, and consider extra features such as shades or shutters to add privacy and darkness when you want it, or filters to keep off the rain/prevent glare.

There are many other factors here  to consider too, for instance the location of the window can affect how much light shines in (avoid streetlamps if you intend on sleeping in the room) as well as the layout combinations you’ll have available inside the room.

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