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5 Ways To Make Your Home More Attractive To A Would-Be Buyer

Once you get comfortable in your home it’s obvious you will start adding bits and pieces to it. Making our home look great is one of the best ways to spend our money because you spend so much time there and know you will get great use out of it. There might also come a time when you decide you’re ready to pack up and ship out. The reasons for moving home could run into the thousands, but whatever your reason you have to make the place look great.

Just because you’ve been making the place better over the years doesn’t mean it will be good enough to attract top dollar. When you sell your home that is the main goal unless you don’t mind money slipping through your fingers, so you need to roll your sleeves up one last time to carry out a few jobs. The jobs you should do are the ones that will make your home more attractive, so we can look at the big ones now and it will give you plenty of time to sort them out.

Change the carpets

Red rug, the "Belgique"

You don’t need to run out and buy new carpets for the entire house because that will cost you a lot, but take a very close look at the ones you have at the moment. If any of them are in a terrible state you don’t want someone walking over the top of them when they view your home. You could get some rugs instead, or if you don’t want to clutter up your home with more things just get someone in who will shampoo your carpets to try and get the stains out.

Paint your walls

You painted over me!

Unless you have recently painted your walls you might need to give them a quick touch-up because after a few years the color will start to fade. This is one of the easiest jobs in the world and one you could easily do on your own. All it takes is a little hard graft, but when someone walks into your home and they are impressed it’s going to mean more money, so spending a weekend working hard is well worth it.

Wash your windows


You can’t expect someone to look around you home and not try to look outside to see the lovely view you have. If your windows are muddy and impossible to see out of it’s going to leave a bad taste in their mouth. Cleaning them isn’t exactly rocket science and the only reason some people won’t do it is because they forget or they’re just lazy. Don’t be one of them when the sale of your home is on the line.

Fix cabinet doors

There might be some things broken in your home that you’ve always refused to get fixed. You probably said you would deal with it next week, but it always becomes the week after then the week after that. Broken cabinet doors are a bad one because when they fall off it’s easy not to get them fixed. Even though it should have nothing to do with the price of your home it still makes people subconsciously think it isn’t worth as much as you’re asking for it.

Get rid of the smells

Kids spill milk and leave their shoes lying inside the hallway. Let’s not blame the kids for everything because I’m sure we’re all guilty of doing things that create bad smells in the house. Go around and clean everywhere that can possibly be cleaned. You have been living there for so long that you will be used to the smell of the place, so it’s also a good idea to ask a friend around to tell you whether or not your home smells amazing, which it should do before anyone views it.

Jack Bird is an interior designer and works for NYcity Blinds. He is one passionate person when it comes to renovating houses and is specially choosy with the curtains he selects for his clients, as he believes they give the room a new life and vitality.

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