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Christmas Light Decorations: 3 To Avoid This Holiday Season

There are hundreds of holiday light decorations to stay clear of and most people know what they are. Some are so weird they cannot be mentioned and others are so crazy you hope no one thinks of them. Christmas lighting offers a chance for anyone to display his or her creative side. During this season, you will see a lot of good home decorating but there will also be many bad. However, if you adorn your home with beautiful table linens, gorgeous bedding and other lovely home fashion, you may be able to forgive the strange and distasteful you see during the holidays.

1. Burning Candles

Many instances show where live candles are used, but unless necessary never use burning candles.  If you must, keep them in sight and never let children play with fire. Candles are represented in movies, television and film as a solemn part of the holidays. They glisten with the mystery of everything that was and might be, but they are also, especially today, more dangerous than ever. Artificial candlelight is available in stores, not as intriguing as the real thing but a lot safer when instructions are followed. Do not use electric light on a metal tree. Bad wiring can cause the Christmas tree to become a hazard and electrocute someone. Instead, use lovely decorations that catch light.

2. Bad wiring

Bad wiring is one way to set a home on fire but too many wires lying in poor arrangement can cause serious accidents. Falls injure many people every year sometimes seriously. Anchor Christmas wiring with insulated clasp to avoid serious injury.

You have the practical things to look out for and most decorations are safe. Unless you are into super cheap, tape up old lighting and repair chipped decoration. As a precaution, avoid decorating a chicken with a hat waving it from your car radio antenna saying merry Christmas. Do not put the megaphone Santa outside your house that waves and yells Merry Christmas. Kids will spend hours getting it to make noise. Do not decorate your truck so brightly other drivers are not sure what is coming down the highway.

3. Talking Decorations

Objects that talk when you come near are especially annoying and nativity scenes that are placed in every space in a property. Avoid lighting up your home so brightly your neighbors cannot sleep, even with the blinds closed. Christmas is a time of cheer but sometimes it can get a little too cherry. Santa’s on rooftops with Reindeer in tow, makes you wonder if leaks will show up in January. Avoid any decorations that will send your utility bill beyond your food bill, your kids may begin to think Christmas is not the great holiday it is said to be. Themed décor is fun but over doing, it with every inch of a home in lights is a little frightening.

Despite the above, Christmas is a time when everyone will say Merry Christmas in his or her own way, no matter what the rest of the world thinks, and so it should be, Merry Christmas.

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