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Things That May Be Affecting Your Home’s Ability To Sell

Selling a home doesn’t just have to do with what the inside has to offer. Did you know many potential buyers will not even give a home a second glance if they do not like what they see on the outside? Putting additional focus on your exterior presentation is very important when trying to compete in today’s housing market.

Priority #1: Curb Appeal

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Not only does the outside appearance of your home matter, but so does the properties surrounding yours. A home in a beautifully decorated and organized neighborhood is going to typically sell for much more than that exact same property if it were in a position where the surrounding homes were cluttered and unkept. While there’s not much you can do about the properties around yours, what you can do is make sure your home is not only nice to look at but also has a competitive price. This is going to get people who generally may not have given your home a second glace, a shot.

Potential Buyers Stop by More than Once

Think back for a moment to when you first purchased a home. What kinds of things did you have in mind? What were you searching for? Many purchasers are going to drive by a home a few times before they consider scheduling a walk-through.

24/7 Appeal

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Make sure you home looks great during all times of the day. Your lawn should be mowed and maintained like you have never done before. Take a few moments several times a week and make sure your flowers and plants are properly watered and that your lawn is mowed. Any dead leaves or branches should be removed as you notice them.

Don’t forget about little paint touch-ups and cleanliness. Put additional focus on cleaning up after your pets and children each and every day and make sure your recycling and trash bins are tidy. Since you can’t be sure when someone looking to buy may stumble across your property, be sure to have something to show that you can be proud of. Imagine what you would want to see. This can be tricky, since it’s easy to get used to the same walkway, driveway, yard, and gate that you have been walking past since you first moved in. If necessary, have someone who isn’t as familiar with your home complete a walk-through with you and help take note of the kinds of things that need fixing up or special attention. Thinking like a buyer is a very important step.

Showcasing at Night


For night-time appeal, verify that all lights outside your home are in good condition. You want potential buyers to feel safe calling your property their home. Make sure your walkways are clear of any debris. If you have more than one vehicle, park them in locations that offer those who walk or drive by a clear view of your property. This may mean needing to park a bit further than you’d like, but remember it’s for a good cause.

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